St Catherine consoles the Philosopher Martyrs of Alexandria, 1514

Danube School, 1514

Master HG

St Catherine consoles the Philosopher Martyrs of Alexandria, 1514

Wing of an originally eight panel St Catherine Altar

Oil on pine, transferred to canvas
75 x 48,5 cm

Five of the originally eight panels are in museums. Two panels in Bucharest (Muzeul de Artá al R.S. Romania), one panel, signed with monogram "HG" and dated 1514 in Stuttgart (Staatsgalerie), two panels in Nuremberg (Germanisches Nationalmuseum), two panels remain lost. It is not known when the altar was dismembered. Possibly by 1850, when Nagler determined that the Munich dealer ´Marx´ was offering all eight panels singly.

St Catherine of Alexandria was particularly revered as patron of philosophy at the time of the founding of the historic European universities.

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1823, all eight panels in the collection of the Count of Vieregg (1752-1843)
1850, all eight panels exhibited with Marx in Munich
Leo N. Malmedé, Cologne (before 1956)
Private collection, Stuttgart/Munich (since 1956)